In this year, we embarked on our largest group to date, that being 26 people, plus staff. It was lots of fun, rain, heat, sweat, a few tears and a totally fantastic life-changing experience for the students of Brentwood College, Mill Bay, BC.
We raised $25,000 for the building materials and then traveled and constructed their second block of classrooms in a brand-new school in an impoverished area, central eSwatini (Swaziland.) This region suffers from drought, a lack of schools and a desperate lack of employment. The local community came out in force and we worked alongside them, as you will see in these photos. The kids were tireless in their efforts and left behind a legacy for future students from afar to meet or exceed!

Foundation Wall

People often ask why locals continue to live in such places? Why would they remain where their kids can’t go to school? The answer is that they have no options. With low literacy in the parent and grandparent generation, extremely high rates of HIV and consequently mortality, there are no incomes. There are no jobs, no place to go to work, no ability to gain income to earn money to actually move to higher ground. They are simply stuck in this cycle of poverty for generations until some outside force comes along to change things.
From 2015, we have been such a force in this region.